Elevating Key Family Influences

In this course, students explore patterns for empowering and supporting the family as the primary influence in the life of a child. Strategies for equipping parents with timely and synchronized content will be addressed.

Course inf0

8 Weeks

Online only

March 9, 2022 – May 3, 2022

Total Cost: $400

Students who succesfully complete this course will:

  • Develop a clear plan for providing tools that allow churches to partner alongside any parent.
  • Determine the ideal content to use as a catalyst for generating meaningful interactions with friends, groups, and families.
  • Express the value of influencing parents to assume the primary responsibility of leading their children morally and spiritually.
  • Define the relationship between family experiences within the church and meaningful interaction at home.
  • Design resources to synchronize core truths to be taught at home and at church.
  • Create a digital strategy to cue parents weekly.

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