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Office of the Provost

Southeastern University is an exceptional place to grow spiritually and intellectually.

The Office of the Provost celebrates the intellectual life of our university and the accomplishments of our incredible faculty, alumni, leaders, and students. As we embark on what we call a “Time to Sow,” we will continue our goal of creating cutting-edge programs and forging innovative learning.

We invite partners and industry leaders to join us as we discover new ways of serving students, the local church, and communities across the globe through higher education. Whether you’d like to partner with SEU by offering internships, developing collaborative access programs, or serving the Kingdom, we welcome the opportunity to sow together!

Here are just a few examples of how we can partner with you:

Academic Administration

Dr. Meghan Griffin


Bp. Anthony Roberts

Associate Provost

Dr. Chris Owen

Dean, Barnett College of Ministry and Theology

Dr. Lisa Coscia

Dean, College of Education

Dr. Jeffrey Paul

Dean, Jannetides College of Business and Professional Leadership

Dr. Nathaniel Pearson

Dean, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Dr. Aimee Franklin

Dean, College Natural and Health Sciences

Mrs. Amy Beatty

Dean, Steelman Library

Picture of Dr. Jennifer Carter

Dr. Jenny Carter

Chair, Center for Teaching and Learning

Dr. Shawn Stewart

Dean, Academic and Extension Operations

Man smiling while holding marimbas in front of brick wall

Dr. Tyson Voigt

Chair, School of Music


Thinking of something different? We’d love to hear from you. To discuss your ideas for partnering with SEU, or to get general information, contact Molly Bryant at