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SEU Awarded Grant for Pathways: Life Skills House

SEU has been awarded a $457,000 grant from Florida’s Legislative Budget Committee to fund the Pathways: Life Skills House project. The university’s Life Skills House was one out of 13 projects to be funded in Polk County.

“We are beyond grateful to have been included in the final list of approved grants, as there were countless requests submitted totaling over half a billion dollars,” expressed VP for Innovation & Communication Dr. Michael Steiner, one of the principal investigators on the project. “Our inclusion demonstrates the Legislative Budget Committee’s dedication to partnering with institutions of higher education to meet strong needs in the community.”

The purpose of the Life Skills House is to increase opportunities for Pathways students with special needs to learn functional living skills and grow their competitive employability. The project will provide a house on campus where students can learn these skills and apply them in an environment similar to the real world. 

They will have the opportunity to practice daily living skills such as laundry, sweeping and mopping, making the bed, cooking in a kitchen, and much more.

Students will be able to generalize the skills that they learn in the classroom and within the housing space and use those to be able to participate in various jobs across SEU’s campus. In addition, this will ultimately increase students’ readiness for a post-secondary transition program and competitive employability in the community. 

“We are so thankful to have secured the funding to increase opportunities for our students to practice life skills in a more conducive setting. We have a desire to prepare our students for independent living and competitive employment after graduation. The staff and faculty at Pathways are excited to watch our students utilize this opportunity for many years to come,” said Pathways Principal Dr. Patricia Shaw. 

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