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Global Pentecostalism Center

About the Global Pentecostalism Center

The Center for the Study of Global Pentecostalism aims to provide opportunities to research the multidimensional character of global Pentecostalism; to do constructive theological work in understanding and providing a rationale for Pentecostal missions and ministry in local, regional and global contexts; and to provide an educational experience that helps equip and shape Pentecostal leaders for the 21st century.



SEU’s Barnett College of Ministry & Theology prepares students for a successful Christian life and ministry by integrating personal faith, biblical insight, Christian ethics, spiritual gifts and ministerial skills. Within the parameters of the Pentecostal identity, we challenge students to impact their generation through effective communication of the Gospel in word and deed so they will advance the global Kingdom of God.


  • Aid in the development of scholarly research that is committed to the service of the local church, nationally and globally.
  • Encourage the model of action research dedicated to creating effective church ministry through collaborative problem-solving and achievement of desirable practical outcomes in the various cultures of the world.
  • Develop and strengthen the capacity of university faculty, students and professionals who conduct research, develop research proposals, evaluate ongoing projects and use relevant data to shed light on the nature of Pentecostal communities in local, regional and global contexts.
  • Organize mission trips for SEU students aimed at ministry and at collaborating in the research findings of the center.
  • Identify emerging Pentecostal communities and networks with the intent to support and build leadership capacity and create a unique space where leaders can leverage their own work as well as pursue opportunities to work collaboratively or form international partnerships to address issues of common concern.
  • Provide a forum for consultations, conferences, seminars and roundtable discussions enabling Pentecostal scholars, church ministers and community leaders to sharpen their research skills, share ideas and disseminate the findings of their research.
  • Publish occasional monographs on themes and issues in Pentecostal theology and praxis.
  • Establish partnerships linking academic centers conducting research of Pentecostalism (e.g., Asia Pacific Theological Seminary; Oxford Centre for Mission Studies; Asia Theological Association; Asia Bible College, Bangalore; USC’s Pentecostal and Charismatic Research Initiative).
  • Create a Pentecostal collection of holdings and archival materials housed in the Steelman Library or the Bolin Pentecostal Library.
  • Maintain a Pentecostal studies Web page with links to other Pentecostal research sources.
  • Award stipends to scholars-in-residence.
  • Equip Pentecostal leaders to address problems of racial, ethnic and gender inclusiveness; children at risk; poverty; health; education; community formation; and economic stability by resourcing their efforts with reliable research data.

If you would like to contact the Center for the Study of Global Pentecostalism, please call 863.667.5155. The center is located in the Bolin Pentecostal Library at Southeastern University.