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Orientation & Welcome Week

Orientation Details

Welcome to the Fire Family! Here’s what you need to know before your arrival to campus.

 Note: Before signing up for Fast Track and preparing for Welcome Week, be sure to complete the components in Step 5 of the admission process.

Get Fire Ready

Fire Ready is the official clearance process at SEU. Remember, you must be Fire Ready to get a check-in appointment.

Complete Your Virtual Orientation

New to SEU? Before you get to campus, be sure to log in to My Fire to complete your Virtual Orientation. Not only will this step save you time when you get to campus, it will help you feel more prepared when you arrive!

Arrival & Check-In

August 19-20, 2022

In order to alleviate some of the traffic and lines, please plan to arrive during your designated check-in time. Remember, you must be Fire Ready to get a check-in appointment.

Check-In Appointments

Students who are Fire Ready will receive an email from our Housing department with a link to set up a check-in appointment. Check in times will be available by dorm, with different dorms checking in on different days. If you do not receive an email, please contact us at

Arrival & Check-In

Once you arrive to campus, if you know you are “Fire Ready” please proceed to the appropriate residence hall first. All students who are NOT “Fire Ready” must report to the Student Activities Center first.

Early Arrivals

Early arrivals are only permitted for designated groups and athletic teams. Students in these predetermined groups will receive specific instructions regarding their check-in. Early arrival check-in days and times will still be by appointment only. Please check your SEU email for more information.

Get the Latest Updates

Please remember to continually check your SEU email account for updates. We can’t wait to have you on campus!

Friday Check-In Locations

Bauer Hall: Bauer Hall Front Lobby
Bethany Hall: Bethany Hall Front Lobby
Buena Vida: Buena Vida Auditorium
South Pointe/Buttercup: South Pointe H6
Buttercup: Buttercup 1013
Valencia Hall: Valencia Courtyard

Saturday Check-In Locations

Aventura Hall: 2nd Floor Lobby
Destino Hall: 2nd Floor Lobby
Esperanza Hall: 2nd Floor Lobby

Commuter Students: 
Check in at Welcome Hub located in the SAC. Please contact for information.

Welcome Week

Welcome Week is one of the most memorable experiences that you’ll have at Southeastern University. This will mark the beginning of your college career and your first steps into, perhaps, the greatest four years of your life. During these couple of days, you will get introduced to campus life, have a chance to get settled into your residence hall, and get to know our Student Development staff who will be guiding you through your journey here.

Get Excited

Check out this recap* from our fall 2021 Welcome Week!

*Fun fact: This video, produced by the WeAreSEU student marketing team, won a Silver Addy Award from the Polk County chapter of the American Advertising Federation!

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