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SEU Creative Work Requests

SEU Creative provides marketing, branding, and related services for all SEU departments. To request a service, please submit the appropriate form below. If you do not see a form that matches your request, please email

Please Note

  • For updates to the catalog, please contact the Office of the Registrar.
  • To request a faculty title change or biography update, please contact Molly Bryant in the Office of the Provost.
  • If you are an SEU partner site, please submit your request through this form.


Objective: Create a promo video, interview, etc.

Timeline: minimum of 4-6 weeks

Note: The final completion date is dependent on the volume of requests currently experienced by marketing. Marketing will confirm the estimated timeline for a request’s completion. Please give ample time by submitting a request as far in advance as possible. Thank you!


  • Web page – New pages or updates to existing pages (minimum timeline required – 6 weeks)
  • Web form – Electronic forms for event registration, fundraising, voting, reservations, etc. (minimum timeline required – 6 weeks)

Conference/Event Marketing or Media Needs

  • Conference/Event marketing – Media, booth, or other marketing materials for an upcoming event or conference (minimum timeline required – 6 weeks)

Creative Planning Meeting

  • Creative planning meeting – Creative brainstorming/planning meeting with the SEU Creative team if you are not sure exactly what you would like to do (minimum timeline required – 4 weeks)

Social Media Meeting

  • Social media meeting – Meeting with the SEU Creative team for assistance with social media planning or if you have an idea/event to be potentially featured on SEU socials. (minimum timeline required – 2 weeks)

Graphic Design

  • Graphic Design – Design pieces such as social media graphics, presentation slides, etc., that will generally be used digitally and not printed. (minimum timeline required – 6 weeks)


  • New or updated print piece – Creation of or updates to brochures, posters, banners, postcards, schedules, vouchers, signage, etc. (minimum timeline required – 6 weeks)
  • Reprint – Reorder of printed items that do not need any changes. (minimum timeline required – 2 weeks)


  • Staff and faculty headshots – New or updated headshots for webpage, email, etc. (minimum timeline required – 2 weeks)
  • Existing photos – Requests for existing marketing photos for use in offices, hallways, documents, etc. (minimum timeline required – 4 weeks)
  • New photos – Scheduling of photos to be taken at an event, etc. (minimum timeline required – 6 weeks)


  • Video – Promotional videos, faculty or student highlight videos, etc. (minimum timeline required – 8 weeks)

Branded Promo Items/Inventory from Storage

  • Branded Promo Items – Giveaways, (e.g. t-shirts, pens, mugs, etc.) that need to be custom ordered. (minimum timeline required – 8 weeks)
  • Storage/Inventory – Delivery of inventory items (e.g., envelopes, print pieces, etc.) in marketing’s storage to your office. (minimum timeline required – 4 weeks)

Name Badges & Business Cards

Office Sign Inserts

  • Office sign inserts – New or updated office sign inserts for existing office signage. (minimum timeline required – 4 weeks)


  • Email  – Email design for newsletters, events, program highlights, etc. (minimum timeline required – 4 weeks)