In partnership with Southeastern University (SEU), Classical Conversations PLUS (CC+) offers families with students registered in the Classical Conversations Challenge Program the opportunity to enlarge and extend their Christian learning community into the college level, while staying actively engaged in their local community group anywhere in the United States. Classes are offered completely online. This specific program is restricted to students and families enrolled in Classical Conversations. The SEU/CC+ program is beneficial for students because they are able to maintain their enrollment in Challenge Curriculum and participate in the CC+ community. SEU has provided rubrics, refinements, and supplements to the existing Challenge assignments in order to assess them for college credit. Students will submit assessments to SEU faculty for evaluation, feedback and grading.

Enrollment & Tuition

Students must enroll each semester to continue in the program. Courses are $500 each. Some courses, such as math, may require additional fees for the curriculum and textbook. Please contact SEU at
with questions.

Registration Deadlines

Spring 2021-22 — January 11, 2022

Summer 2021-22 — May 9, 2022

Fall 2022-23 — August 23, 2022

Course Options

Each semester, CC+ and Southeastern University offer a variety of subjects designed to give you collegiate-level class experience and credit.

Free Online Tutoring

SEU offers online tutoring and writing assistance on the SmartThink sire for CC+ students. You can access the site from the homepage of your SEU CC+ course at no charge since CC+ students are SEU students. You can receive one on one tutoring in:






Computers & Technology

Career Writing & Interviewing

You can get assistance with paper editing before you turn in an assignment. Just schedule an appointment!

Ready to Apply?

CC is now taking all applications ad payments via credit card beginning for the Spring of 2021.

To apply and pay for next school term beginning in the Spring of 2022 go here: Scroll to the black area at the bottom and click on “Course Details” for your Challenge Level.

Partner Site Resources

If you are a site director looking to offer CC+ at your site, out goal is to equip you with resources that educate and empower you to reach out to the CC communities in your area.



Practicum Site Resources

Our E-brochure is a tool you can use at CC Practicums each summer. Please feel free to download and use to more effectively communicate the CC+ Program.