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Fire Ready

We want to ensure that you’re able to start your classes on time and get the most out of your SEU experience, so be sure to follow these checklist items below. 
Once you do, you’ll be Fire Ready!

Note: All steps below apply to returning students and new students who have committed to coming to SEU by submitting their enrollment confirmation form. Visit this page to view instructions for submitting this form.

Fire Ready Steps

Fire Ready is the official clearance process of Southeastern University. Students must complete all steps in this process prior to arriving on campus each semester. The below steps apply to students who are campus-based in Lakeland.

Partner Site students should contact their site director and Online students should contact their enrollment counselor for specific requirements. 

How to Check your Fire Ready Status

Log in to MyPortal (JICS) to see which Fire Ready categories show “Not Clear” in your profile, and take care of these steps prior to your arrival. The financial clearance component of this list will not be current until after your bill is sent (in July for the fall semester; and in November for the spring).

This step requires you to have set up your student account access. Instructions were emailed to you after you submitted your enrollment deposit. If you need help logging in to these systems, visit this page for details. Contact the Office of the Registrar at registrar@seu.edu with any questions.

To register for classes, log in to the MyPortal (JICS) system. Through the MyPortal system, you’ll be able to see which classes are available, search for textbooks, view your course schedule and more. You will initially log in with your student ID number and the last 4 digits of your social security number. Once you’re in, you are encouraged to change your password by following the prompts.

Your degree audit, located within MyPortal, will list the classes you have already taken and those that you still need to complete in order to qualify for graduation. The listing of required classes corresponds to your declared major.*  Here’s how to view your degree audit.

  1. Log in to MyPortal (JICS)
  2. Click the Student tab and then Degree Info
  3. Within the Degree Audit Portlet, click View All Details.
  4. Click Recalculate Student Progress and then Grad Report

*If your major is undeclared, only your foundational core classes will display until you declare a major.

To review your next steps, log in to MySEU. Be sure to follow all Next Steps processes that apply to you.

All students are required to obtain financial clearance before they can be guaranteed their class registration and housing for the upcoming semester. This means your anticipated costs for the upcoming semester are fully covered with the use of approved financial aid (including scholarships, grants, and loans) and/or an approved payment plan.

Contact Student Financial Services at sfs@seu.edu or 800.500.8760 with any questions.

When you applied to SEU, you were required to submit transcripts. However, we still need the final versions of these transcripts in order to finalize your registration at SEU. Contact the Office of Admission at admission@seu.edu with any questions. Note: If you’ve requested that your transcripts be sent to SEU, you can furnish documentation of your request (such as a receipt) while you are waiting for the final copies to be sent. Requirements for final high school transcripts
  • No “in progress” grades
  • Graduation date listed
  • Full, official transcript
Requirements for final college transcripts
  • No “in progress” grades
  • Official transcript from each institution previously attended; includes dual enrollment, AP, IB, CLEP, and AICE credits

All traditional undergraduate students will need to complete the required health forms and attach proof of their immunization history prior to registering for classes and/or moving into campus housing.

Visit this page to complete your health forms and view our immunization policy.

Housing, Meals & Parking

If you’re a new student, you likely completed the initial housing form when you submitted your enrollment confirmation form and deposit, however there may be a few more steps to take based on your living situation. If you’re a returning student, be sure to follow the procedures provided by your resident director regarding your housing plans for the next school year.

  • View your housing options. (A few weeks before the semester begins, move-in appointments will become available for students who are Fire Ready.)
  • View or change your meal plan. Residential students are automatically assigned the 14 meal plan.  If you would like to change your meal plan, please visit the housing tab on the Student Information System (MyPortal) to complete the Residential Meal Plan Form. (Note: All on-campus residents must be on a meal plan).
  • Submit a Vehicle Registration form if you will be parking a car on campus. (Remember to display your parking decal at all times).
  • Visit the Housing page within MySEU to complete the Commuter Check In Form and the Residing With Relatives Form (if applicable).
  • If you would like to sign up for the commuter meal plan, complete the meal plan form located on MyPortal (JICS) under the housing tab.
  • Submit a Vehicle Registration form if you will be parking a car on campus. (Remember to display your parking decal at all times.)

How to Contact Us

Financial Aid | sfs@seu.edu

Housing | studenthousing@seu.edu

Campus Card | campuscard@seu.edu

Admission | admission@seu.edu

Call us at 800.500.8760 for additional help.