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Amy Beatty

Steelman Library

Dean of Steelman Library and the School of Honors


B.A. in Elementary Education, University of West Florida
Masters in Library Science, University of North Texas


Amy Beatty, currently serving as the Dean of the Steelman Library and School of Honors, embarked on her career as a K-12 teacher in public and private schools. However, a pivotal moment arose when she noticed her students harbored apprehensions about the library. This realization prompted her to earn her Masters in Library Science in order to spearhead a shift in the library's culture. As the Dean, Amy passionately advocates for a student-focused approach to library services. Throughout her tenure, she remains steadfast in transforming the academic library into a welcoming space for students of all backgrounds. Amy's dedication transcends academic boundaries; she actively participates in student organizations, hosts student clubs, and organizes events that foster community within the library. Embracing an open-door policy, Amy encourages students to seek guidance, fostering a mentorship approach that surpasses the conventional role of a library dean.

As the Dean of the School of Honors, Amy has directed her attention towards the principles of truth, beauty, and goodness. This dedication is exemplified through the development of an honors program, where students are not merely defined by their grades but are instead recognized, heard, and valued for how God uniquely created them. The program creates a secure environment, fostering a culture encouraging students to explore beyond conventional boundaries, dream big, and think innovatively.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Amy leads a fulfilling personal life. Married with two grown children, two dogs, and three tortoises, she brings a holistic perspective to her pursuits. Amy is not only a trained spiritual director but also a certified yoga instructor. Her leisure time is enriched by meaningful connections with friends and family, as well as her personal commitment to yoga, ensuring a balance of joy and well-being in her life.