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Chad E. Causey

Barnett College of Ministry & Theology

Chair; Professor of Missions


Ph.D. with an emphasis on Christian Education from Talbot School of Theology
M.DIV. from Knox Theological Seminary
B.A. in Bible and Theology from Lee University


Dr. Chad Causey has served in ministry for 29 years. For the last 22 years, he has worked with OneHope, an international ministry equipping church movements with innovative programs to engage the next generation with God’s Word in dynamic and relevant ways. Currently, Dr. Causey serves as the Chief Strategy Officer at OneHope, where he is tasked with providing strategic direction to both functional and geographical vice presidencies for ministry operations in 150 countries, as well as strategic support for affiliate partnerships, networks and movements. This role leverages a wealth of personal experience in the areas of human-centered design, studies of social sciences, business management principles, behavioral psychology, and theological training to provide highly customized ministry solutions to both domestic and international stakeholders. For the last 10 years, Dr. Causey has provided Ministry Design consultative and coaching services to dozens of ministry organizations.

In 2019, he also began to serve SEU as a subject matter expert and adjunct faculty, leading the development of two new graduate degrees in Global Ministry Design and International Family Ministry. In 2021, he accepted a fulltime position with SEU focused on leading and developing cross cultural and missional preparation degrees out of the Barnett School of Ministry and Theology. He currently is the Chair of the Bob and Hazel Hoskins School of Mission within the Barnett College of Ministry and Theology.

Most importantly, Dr. Causey is the father to 4 wonderful children: Abigail, Charles, Katie, and Caleb, and has been joyfully married to his bride, Jeannine, for 26 years. He and his family reside in Cleveland, Georgia.