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Joshua Britt, Ph.D.

College of Social Sciences & Humanities

Assisant Professor of History


Ph.D. in Medieval European History, University of South Florida
M.A. in Early Modern European History, University of South Florida
B.A. in Classical Civilizations, University of South Florida


Dr. Joshua Britt joined Southeastern University in 2017 as an online instructor before joining the Humanities Department as assistant professor of history in 2020. His research interests center on medieval monasticism and how the radically ascetic practice of religious reclusion, called anchoritism, informed medieval notions of salvation. At the University of South Florida and SEU, he has taught courses such as the The Medieval West, Historical Analysis, Modern European History, History of the English Language, Historiography, History of Science and the Body, and World Civilizations.

Through his teaching, Dr. Britt hopes to convey to his students the sheer delight of engaging with the voices of the past, but also to help them acquire the skills of critical reading, critical thinking, and clear and persuasive writing. By allowing students to craft their own historical narratives based on primary sources and critiqued through group and class discussion, the students in his classes hone skills that they will continue to use in whatever profession they choose.

In addition to teaching history, Dr. Britt also serves SEU as their Director of Global Education, overseeing all Study Abroad programs, and serves part-time on the staff of Lakeland Vineyard as the pastor of worship ministry.