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TaeEun Kim

College of Natural & Health Sciences

Professor of Mathematics


PhD in Applied Mathematics, Wichita State University
MS in Mathematics, Wichita State University


Dr. TaeEun Kim’s path to Southeastern would its way, first, from his homeland of South Korea, where he studied mathematics and began his long love affair with teaching. Since then, he has also taught/tutored at Wichita State University, Sterling College, and Fisk University.

Dr. Kim’s main research areas are differential equations, but he also has a broad range of teaching expertise in subjects such as algebra (abstract, and modern), analysis (real, complex, numerical, and functional), modern geometry, number theory, and topology. He is also experienced in the use of computer software for the teaching of mathematics and has learned several programming languages toward that end.

Moreover, Dr. Kim practices “servant leadership” inside and outside of the classroom. He tries to provide a living example of the servanthood of Christ, giving of his time, energy, and patience to lift his students to the level of mathematical understanding that they need to have.

Dr. Kim teaches the following courses at Southeastern: College Algebra, Explorations in math, Calculus, Differential Equations, Number theory, and Modern Geometry in Mathematics.