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Thomas W. Weil

Jannetides College of Business, Communication & Leadership

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design


MFA/Painting, graphic design/Academy of Art University (on line), San Francisco, California
BFA/Painting, printmaking and photography/Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus Ohio.


Professor Thomas Weil's career as an artist began early, influenced by his uncle who taught art at the Columbus Art School. Later a two year enlistment in the Marine Corps and a six month cruise in the Mediterranean Sea provided the opportunity to visit every museum, cathedral and temple possible while in Europe. The GI Bill helped in pursuing a college degree. Painting, printmaking, and photography provided marketable skills. Teaching was a desire after college, but getting on-the-job art experience was a priority.

Professor Weil worked as a photo-retoucher, key line, and paste-up artist in various retail businesses. He also joined the Army Reserve Psyops (psychological Operations) unit and worked as an illustrator designing propaganda leaflets in case the Cold War with Russia would ever get hot. Moved to Florida. Did prepress work as computer graphics entered the industry, and learned the software applications by experimentation and observation.

Professor Weil has worked in the graphic arts industry more than twenty years and has been teaching for an additional twenty years. He began teaching art and graphics at two career colleges respectively before coming to Southeastern. Southeastern has been home for more than five years now and he hopes to continue to inspire, encourage, and prepare students to communicate the Kingdom of God as visual artists for a few more years as our Lord might grant.