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Performance Opportunities & Facilities

Performances & Ensembles

These performances and ensembles give our students multiple opportunities to develop and grow their musical gifts.

An Afternoon Melody is presented on Sunday afternoons at the Polk Museum of Art. These concerts are semi-formal events, providing an alternative performance opportunity for our classically oriented students. Performers are selected based on faculty recommendation.

Contact: Professor Edward Bryant,

The Southeastern University Athletic Pep Band performs popular music for athletic and campus life events.

Contact: Professor Nathan Reynolds,

The SEU Brass Quintet is a premiere chamber group for the SEU School of Music. The ensemble serves as an environment to learn high-level chamber music skills while acting as musical ambassadors to the SEU School of Music. Students audition for fellowship positions in this highly-selective ensemble.

Contact: Professor Nathan Reynolds,

The Southeastern University Chamber Orchestra performs music from the classical and contemporary repertoires. Students perform a minimum of two concerts each year with several additional, informal concerts on campus and in the community.

Contact: Professor Annabelle Gardiner,

The Chamber Singers are Southeastern University’s premier vocal ensemble. Comprised of students with proven vocal abilities, the Chamber Singers perform at various events throughout the community and multiple choral concerts throughout the academic year. In addition, the group represented Southeastern University in the summer of 2019 while touring Ireland performing a program of American music that included spirituals, gospel songs, folk music, and emerging choral works penned by our finest composers.

Contact: Dr. Daniel Gordon,

This performance ensemble is dedicated to the performance of sacred and secular mixed choral literature. The repertoire performed is appropriate for large choral ensembles and includes occasional soloists.

Contact: Dr. Daniel Gordon,

The Contemporary Band is a performance ensemble that is designed to allow students to write and perform songs within the various styles of commercial and contemporary popular music, including, but not limited to, hip hop, rock, soul, jazz, R&B, punk, funk, and world music.

Contact: Professor Tosh Sargeant,

The SEU Jazz Ensemble is a performance ensemble designed to explore a form of artistic expression that is uniquely connected to American history. Through study of classic and contemporary big band repertoire, as well as performance opportunities mimicking professional shows, this ensemble provides practical experience both for future educators and future performers. 

Contact: Jason Aylward,

The Musical Theatre Revue consists of partially staged scenes from various Broadway, off-Broadway, and movie musical productions.

Contact: Professor Edward Bryant,

A Night at the Opera…Scenes includes partially-staged scenes from opera favorites focusing on music suited for undergraduate voices. The scenes are generally on the lighter fare and are intended as a learning tool for students and audiences who may not be familiar with operatic literature.

Contact: Professor Edward Bryant,

The Percussion Ensemble is a performance group, for both music- and non-music majors, spanning the complete percussion family of instruments. Repertoire ranges from drums to mallets, classical music to world music, small groups to large ensembles, and latest hits to all-time favorites.

Contact: Tyson Voigt,

The SEU Symphony Orchestra consists of members of the university’s Wind Ensemble, Brass Quintet, and Chamber Orchestra. The group performs some of the finest literature ever written by classical and contemporary composers, and is featured throughout the year, including during the School of Music’s annual Christmas concert and at commencement services.

Contact: Jason Aylward,

The SEU Wind Ensemble consists of woodwind, brass, and percussion players who perform pieces of various styles while exploring concepts of ensemble performance. The repertoire ranges from large ensemble works to small chamber pieces from the wind band repertoire. SEU Wind Ensemble members also perform as the wind and percussion sections of the SEU Symphony Orchestra.

Contact: Jason Aylward,

This is an auditioned group of talented women who are both music and non-music majors. Women’s Choir has gained a great reputation for performing a wide variety of classical and non-traditional music that frequently focuses on women’s issues. The choir recently performed with the world-renowned Irish band The Chieftains, and has performed music created by such diverse ensembles as the Carolina Chocolate Drops and the Canadian folk group, the Wyrd Sisters.

Contact: Dr. Daniel Gordon,

Our Facilities

The School of Music is committed to excellence in every aspect of the student experience. A vital element of this experience consists of the educational environment. Our facilities are an extension of that commitment in the provision of application-based educational opportunities to every student — no matter their field of study.

Band Rehearsal Hall

Used by SEU’s Wind Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Contemporary Band, and Symphony Orchestra, this state-of-the-art facility is specifically equalized to provide correct sound in an aurally safe listening and rehearsal environment.

Choral Rehearsal Hall

The Choral Rehearsal Hall, completed in the fall of 2015, is a collaborative space for the choral, jazz, orchestral, and contemporary band programs. Carefully designed to enhance the quality and safety of the rehearsal and listening experiences, the hall provides over 2,000 square feet dedicated to rehearsal and instrumental storage space.

Percussion Ensemble Room

The Percussion Ensemble Room has been acoustically engineered with the safety of our percussionists in mind. The size of the room caters to the large percussion instruments, enabling members of the percussion ensemble to practice their repertoire comfortably.

Piano Lab

The Piano Lab facilitates our class piano curriculum. Housing 17 keyboards, the piano lab is set up for optimal learning. Each keyboard has an audio headset connected directly to the professor, allowing for easy and direct listening, as well as feedback.

Music Technology Lab

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the Music Lab enables students to study and gain experience with industry-standard recording and compositional equipment. Using the same programs as professional studios, students are immersed in the world of music technology. Each computer is equipped with Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Finale, and other staples of the industry. In addition, an audio interface and MIDI keyboard are connected to each workstation.

Student Practice Rooms

The sound-dampening and equalizing design of SEU’s student practice rooms makes aurally safe, concentrated practice possible, even while students practice in adjacent rooms. Each room is a different size to accommodate various rehearsal needs. Upon arrival, each music student is provided 24-hour access to the space.

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