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Office of the Provost

Southeastern University is an exceptional place to grow spiritually and intellectually.

The Office of the Provost celebrates the intellectual life of our university and the accomplishments of our incredible faculty, alumni, leaders, and students. As we embark on what we call a “Time to Sow,” we will continue our goal of creating cutting-edge programs and forging innovative learning.

We invite partners and industry leaders to join us as we discover new ways of serving students, the local church, and communities across the globe through higher education. Whether you’d like to partner with SEU by offering internships, developing collaborative access programs, or serving the Kingdom, we welcome the opportunity to sow together!

Partnership Options

Here are just a few examples of how SEU can partner with you!

  • Add student interns to your organization
  • Offer a learning series to upskill your workforce
  • Provide college credit for required employee training programs
  • Harness the knowledge of SEU faculty and thought leaders as speaker at your next conference or seminar
  • Expand your knowledge base, or that of your team, through industry certifications
  • And more!

Academic Centers

students meeting around a table

American Center for Political Leadership

The American Center for Political Leadership (ACPL) operates with the mission to promote a national movement of civic engagement through civil discourse, so as to bring collective ideas, experiences, and stories together. Through their mission, the ACPL seeks to reclaim the traditional American ideal that working together, no matter the differences present, is the only way to keep the nation moving forward.

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Global Pentecostalism Center

The Global Pentecostalism Center aims to provide opportunities to research the multidimensional character of global Pentecostalism through constructive theological work in understanding and rationalizing Pentecostal missions and ministry. Through this research, the Center provides an educational experience to help equip and shape Pentecostal leaders for the 21st century.

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National Latino Evangelical Coalition

The National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NaLEC) seeks to respond to a real need for Latino and Latina Evangelical voices committed to the common good and justice in the public sphere. The coalition aims to provide alternative voices to the existing partisan voices and to create national awareness about the growing number of Latino Evangelicals who are not captive to partisan politics.

students walking at public library

Center for Women in Leadership

The Center for Women in Leadership is centered around its mission to equip young women to discover and develop their divine design to serve Christ and the world through life, learning, and leadership. The Center’s mission stems from its purpose to enhance each woman’s God-given uniqueness both as women and as individuals.


Thinking of something different? We’d love to hear from you. To discuss your ideas for partnering with SEU, or to get general information, contact Molly Bryant at