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Southeastern University

Quality Enhancement Plan

Becoming: Whole Person Development for the 21st Century

Southeastern University emphasizes the development of the “whole person.” Character development and the integration of faith, learning, and living are hallmarks of Christian institutions, and SEU shares in those goals. We are committed to providing a Christian college education designed to equip the next generation to go into the world as influential servant leaders in their careers and their communities. We are excited to be launching a new initiative to further enhance our students’ readiness for their next steps after graduation. This initiative, which is part of our university’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), is called Becoming: Whole Person Development for the 21st Century.


The QEP centers on three learning outcomes: cultivating resources for success, communicating effectively and with cultural fluency, and developing disciplines for thriving.

Resources for Success

Students will be able to cultivate intellectual, professional, and socio-cultural resources that will prepare them for academic, career, and personal success.

Effective Communication & Cultural Fluency

Students will be able to communicate effectively and with cultural fluency in varied professional, social, and interpersonal contexts.

Disciplines for Thriving

Students will be able to practice disciplines that help them to thrive as individuals, professionals, and Christian citizens.


This program prepares students with the required knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for careers and life after college by focusing not only on career readiness, but also upon students’ psychological, emotional, and spiritual life and health. The intrapersonal/interpersonal focus perfectly reflects our mission to equip students to discover and develop their divine design.

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Hey Fire Family — Becoming has been designed just for you! 

SEU provides you with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes you need to develop holistically and gain competencies for the future. Having skills beyond what you learn in class are critical to your future, but how can you show your prospective employers the time you’ve invested in learning competencies like teamwork, leadership, self-awareness, communication skills, and emotional intelligence?

Enter our Badging program, which allows you to easily and visually feature many of the skills you develop at SEU on your resume, online portfolio, LinkedIn profile, etc. show academic proficiency but also demonstrate skill-based competencies in lived experiences.

Here are just a few examples of the types of badges you can earn:

    • Self-Awareness
    • Academic Success
    • Professional Development
    • Time Management
    • Diverse Thinking
    • Community Engagement
    • Intercultural Competencies
    • Stewardship of Resources
    • Spiritual Maturity
    • Wellness

To start exploring your badging options and discover how you can start earning, email

Your involvement is critical to the success of our students, so we want to hear from you! Much of what you’re already doing in class or in modeling professionalism each day will tie directly into the Becoming program, so we welcome your ideas for program additions or curriculum integration.

To watch the Spring 2021 QEP Community Meeting for faculty and staff, click here. Please contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness with any questions.

For more information on how this program will produce productive members of the community who will add value to your workplace as interns or team members, please contact our career services office at or visit this page for more details.

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QEP Co-Chairs

Sarah Lloyd

Jenny Carter


From digital badges to co-cirriculum, learn how the QEP benefits SEU students. 

Staff & Faculty

SEU’s staff and faculty play an integral role in the success of students. Learn how you can help out.

Community Partners

The QEP strives to add value to the Lakeland community by preparing graduates for the workforce. See how you can partner with SEU.