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SEU Seminars

Educational Seminars to Serve the Local Church

SEU Seminars is a brand new series that will allow SEU to further serve the local church by providing training for pastors, staff, and congregations. 

Designed to bridge the gap between academic expertise in Biblical Studies and Theology and the practical needs of the Church community, the seminars will be led by SEU professors and pertain to three core topics: Biblical studies, church history, and practical theology. 

Tailored to the specific needs of your church community, you will have the opportunity to customize the length, content, and academic level of the seminar. SEU Seminars can also be crafted to fit any demographic, ranging from the basics of a Bible study to detailed lectures on specific theological topics.

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Benefits to Your Church

Enriched Spiritual Growth

In order to enable deeper levels of discipleship, we provide access to rigorous theological and biblical education from the comfort of your own church.

Efficiency and Convenience

We believe that educational stewardship is a critical part of the discipleship process. SEU Seminars provide an affordable, convenient solution.

Diverse Learning Options

SEU provides you with a wide range of topics and professors to choose from, allowing you to customize the curriculum to fit your church’s needs.

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