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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

About SAP

Students must meet a set of standards, called Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), in order to keep their financial aid. 

Students’ records are reviewed each school year after spring semester grades are posted. If a student does not meet any one of the SAP requirements, the student is not eligible for financial aid. This includes federal grants, federal student loans (including PLUS), and federal work study.

Note: Institutional aid has its own requirements, and third-party aid sources may also have their own requirements.

SAP Requirements

Students must meet all of the following requirements to continue receiving any federal or state financial aid: 

  • A 2.00 overall grade point average (GPA) for undergraduate students and a 3.00 overall grade point average (GPA) for graduate (master’s and doctoral) students.
  • Complete at least two-thirds of all credits attempted with a D or higher. 
  • Take no more than 150 percent of the credits required for your degree. (e.g. a bachelor’s degree of 120 hours must be achieved within 180 credit hours)

Note: You must be accepted to SEU before you will have access to the Financial Aid Portal.

Appeal Process

Students who have an extenuating circumstance that prevents them from meeting one or more of the SAP requirements may submit an appeal to SEU’s Office of Student Financial Services. Appeals are reviewed within two weeks of submission and must be accompanied by supporting documentation.

  • The student is put on financial aid probation and retains eligibility for federal financial aid for one semester.  
  • At the end of the financial aid probation period, a student must either meet all SAP requirements OR meet the financial aid probation terms that were established after the appeal was approved. 
  • The student is no longer eligible for financial aid. 
  • Tuition can either be paid out of pocket or via alternative financial means (e.g. private student loan). 
  • Financial aid eligibility can be regained by meeting overall SAP requirements by the end of the next spring semester.

SAP Process

Satisfactory Academic Progress Visual Graphic

More Information About SAP

Southeastern University’s Satisfactory Academic Progress policy can be found in the Academic Catalog.