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A Current Student Answers Your Decision Day Questions

Without a doubt, Decision Day is one of the most exciting moments in kicking off your college career — but it often comes with many questions. I know when I was deciding whether SEU was right for me, I had lots of questions, from “How will I make friends?” to “What’s it like living in Lakeland?” 

So today, I’m excited to share my answers with you on some of the top questions that may be crossing your mind right now — all from a current student’s perspective!


What if I’m still undecided about my major?

That’s totally fine! Some people come into college knowing exactly what they want to do, and others take a bit longer to find their niche. I have several friends who came in undecided and eventually discovered their passions — and major — in the process. In fact, one of the most helpful aspects of SEU academics is our well-rounded, liberal arts approach. This means that every student completes 2 years of general education courses during their degree, giving students more time to explore potential interests before choosing from over 80 undergraduate programs

Another helpful resource to take advantage of is COMPASS, SEU’s calling and career center. Through COMPASS, you can schedule a meeting with a career counselor, who will help you navigate potential career paths based on your gifts and passions.


Will I make friends and find community?

Yes! One of my favorite aspects of SEU is the number of opportunities we have to find community, beginning with orientation, or what we call Welcome Week. Welcome Week happens during the first week of every school year and is fully dedicated to welcoming new students and creating opportunities to form lasting friendships. In fact, I met some of my closest friends during my first Welcome Week! 

There are also countless ways to connect with other students throughout the year, from SEU Groups to intramural sports to residence hall events to cheering on our Fire Athletics teams. Plus, you won’t want to miss Club Rush, where you can check out all the clubs available to join on campus!


What’s it like living on campus?

I lived in Bethany Hall (the all-female freshman dorm) for two years, both as a student and a resident assistant, and can truly say that I loved where I lived. There are so many hall events and casual dorm hangouts that go on throughout the year, which creates truly supportive dorm communities. From hammocking in the Quad to studying outside while the sun sets over the lake, SEU’s campus will soon feel like home! 


How can I make my faith my own at college?

This is definitely a question I had when I first moved to college, so I totally get it! A great place to start in making your faith your own is through the many spiritual formation opportunities available on campus, from weekly chapels to on-campus small groups known as SEU Groups. There are also so many amazing churches in Lakeland to get plugged into, so you’re sure to find a supportive church community!


Will I enjoy living in Lakeland?

I’ll admit, I’ve become a bit biased about Lakeland since I’ve moved here, but it’s easy to see why. “Swan City,” as we Lakelanders like to call it, is currently one of the fastest-growing cities in America, which means we’ve seen a lot of new businesses and restaurants open in the past few years and keep seeing this growing trend. While Lakeland is never short of activities to get involved in, it still keeps its homey, small-town feel while being just 45 minutes away from Tampa and an hour drive from Orlando. Plus, you’ll never run out of coffee shops to study in (check out my personal favorite spots, Hillcrest Coffee and Honeycomb Bread Bakers!)!

For more information on the perks of choosing to be SEU Bound by May 1, check out this page. I can’t wait to see you here!

By Madi Schaaf, Student Writer

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