Deposit by May 1 for Early Decision Perks!

Early decisions come with perks!

We know that making a college decision is a big deal, so we get so excited when students decide to come to SEU! We can’t wait to see our incoming freshmen begin the life-changing journey that’s waiting for them, so we’ve created a few perks for students who make their choice early.

December 1 — SEU Priority Application Deadline

Students who submit their application at before this date will:

  • Be guaranteed a spot at SEU once they are accepted & deposited
  • Have more opportunities for scholarships
  • Receive their award letter early

January 15 — SEU Priority Acceptance deadline

Students who turn in all required application pieces, are accepted, and have submitted their FAFSA before this date are eligible to apply for additional scholarships!

(Note: Some scholarships have a February 15 deadline, so don’t wait!)

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