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Faculty Member and Doctoral Students Publish Book Project

Four students from SEU’s Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership program will have their work featured in the publication of “Biblical Organizational Spirituality: New Testament Foundations for Leaders and Organizations” through Palgrave Macmillan. 

The project was led by Associate Professor of Leadership Dr. Joshua Henson, who edited the book. Two of the contributing authors are graduates of SEU’s doctoral program and two are current Ph.D. candidates.

“This is a nearly two-year project that is finally finished,” Henson commented. “It is also my largest project yet with 22 chapters, 25 authors, and 495 pages of content.”

The book examines various New Testament passages and identifies lessons, values, and behaviors that can help leaders understand organizational spirituality from a Christian worldview. Through the lens of these New Testament principles, it covers concepts such as women in leadership, cross-cultural leadership, transparency, and authenticity.

Henson emphasized, “This is phase one of a larger project that will hopefully end with a valid and reliable instrument to measure organizational spirituality from a biblical worldview.”

Back in September of 2021, Henson worked on a similar project with several SEU students from the Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership and Doctor of Strategic Leadership programs. Together, they published Historic Christian Followership: Principles from Exemplary Followers in Church History,” as part of their coursework.

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