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Inspiring Entrepreneurs — Jesse’s SEU Story

Jesse Plunkett and his wife Karli.

Finding Your Calling In College

Jesse and Karli Plunkett, owners of Nectar Aesthetics Medical Spa, were once college students with an entrepreneurial vision. Nectar Aesthetics is a med spa with locations in Sanford and Orlando, Florida. Jesse and Karli started Nectar Aesthetics to provide people with a quality spa experience with various treatments. 

“We were 25 at the time, and we figured we could go all in and start a med spa business,” explained Jesse. The desire to build a business began during Jesse’s time at SEU when he spent a lot of time praying and dreaming of what life after college could look like. Jesse spent many hours in the library, studying, and talking with his classmates and professors about his dream of opening his own business, and the practical steps needed to get there.  

Creativity in Community   

Jesse found the environment of positivity and community among the students and staff at SEU as an inspiration for starting his business. Dr. Bill Hahn and Dr. Christopher Fairchild were some of Jesse’s most impactful professors who helped him to grow and learn. “One of the things we did in Dr. Hahn’s class was using software in teams to create a low-margin business, and then trying to find a way to make the business profitable. The experience of managing multiple things and making sacrifices was really helpful in what I do today,” said Jesse. “If you’re surrounded by other positive-minded students, then your experience will become more worthwhile.” 

Jesse graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Management degree in 2013 and also received the Business Management Award at graduation. Since launching Nectar Aesthetics, the business has grown and now has two locations.

Getting Involved  

Jesse recommends that students get involved to get the maximum benefits of life at SEU. “Don’t look at college as a purely consumer experience,” Jesse said. “Going to campus-wide events, chapel, and connecting with your professors and peers can help you become an active part of the community. Take advantage of meeting new people and putting yourself out there. You’ll make new connections and can even find new opportunities to grow in your understanding of your calling.” 

Thank you, Jesse, for taking the time to share how the SEU community helped you grow!

By David Jarrett, Student Writer 

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