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Jamie Hale: Creating Community and Ministering through Dermatology

A Journey to Dermatology

Dr. Jamie Hale ’07 first discovered her love for dermatology in high school. After doing a research project on how UV rays penetrate car windows, Jamie began shadowing a local dermatologist in her hometown of Louisville, Ky. “I just fell in love with the field, already knowing I wanted to be a physician. And I never changed my mind,” said Jamie. 

After her high school graduation, Jamie was planning on attending the University of Kentucky with her friends. But she changed her plans when her parents moved to Florida. She started her bachelor of science degree at Southeastern University in 2004. 


Life at SEU

While attending SEU, Jamie was a leader in the Student Christian Medical and Dental Association as well as the mentorship program, First Teams. She played intramural flag football alongside her lifelong friend and current dean for the College of Natural and Health Sciences, Dr. Aimee (Vinson) Franklin ’07. 

At SEU, Jamie learned the skills she needed to excel in her field, academically and spiritually. “I was a biology/pre-med major, so many of my classes directly affected my ability to succeed in medical school,” said Jamie. “Many of my Bible classes gave me an excellent foundation in apologetics — which allowed me to keep my biblical worldview when placed in a very secular environment.” 


Professional Career 

After graduating in 2007, Jamie completed four years of medical school at Nova Southeastern in Fort Lauderdale. She then went on to do her residency at the Largo Medical Center in Largo, Fla. Jamie met her husband, Nick, in 2013 during her residency, and they married the following year. While she was at the Largo Medical Center, Jamie also served as the chief resident alongside co-chief Stacey Pilkington. 

Jamie and Stacey found they enjoyed working together. While completing the last year of their residency, they decided they wanted to start their own practice close to their families in Boulder, Colo. 

“My parents had moved out to Colorado, and as part of my upbringing, I lived in Colorado Springs, so it’s always been a part of my roots,” said Jamie. During the last year of their residency in 2015, Jamie and Stacey found an office space in Boulder. They graduated at the end of June, then in the first week of July, they opened the Azeal Dermatology Institute. 

“It has been an adventure learning the ins and outs of owning a business,” said Jamie. “There are always challenges, but I am grateful to have a business partner to practice with. We share the joys of our business and divide the challenges.” 

Jamie and Stacey have owned their own practice for seven years. They have a team of seven employees who help them offer a variety of dermatology services, including acne and eczema treatment, skin care surgeries, and cosmetic dermatology. Along with the services they provide, they believe in the importance of focusing on their patients. “I’ve learned to try not to sweat the small stuff. If we keep the focus on outstanding patient care, everything else falls into place,” said Jamie. “We practice medicine in a way that shows people we care about them.”


Community Involvement

Jamie is actively involved in her community. Jamie and Stacey have done free skin cancer screenings at senior centers, 5K charity runs, and local businesses, and have spoken on skin care education in their community. “I love people. Every day I get to encounter 20 or 30 people and meet them where they are,” said Jamie. “That’s part of what’s awesome about my job is that, yes, I’m practicing medicine and I’m treating their skin conditions. But at the end of the day, we’re people, and relationship and connection is what it’s all about. In the last few years, I’ve had more opportunities to share my faith with people, and they’re open to it in my professional setting.” 

Jamie has had several students shadow her from her local community, and through her connection with Dr. Franklin, Jamie has also hosted several SEU students. “Aimee reached out to me because one of the students was interested in dermatology and was going to be near us in Boulder. I got to host her for a week or so. It was really, really fun,” said Jamie. “I enjoy giving them the experience I was given when starting my career. They are always eager to learn and help, and I love watching their future unfold after meeting them.”


Professional and Personal Accomplishments

Jamie and her partner have also created their own skincare brand, Azealskin. They manufacture and sell a variety of products including moisturizers, cleansers, and spot treatments used to treat conditions like acne and eczema. They have recently expanded their product line to include longevity medicine under their new brand, LongLiv Health & Vitality.

Outside of work, Jamie enjoys spending time with Nick and their two children, Ryder and Violet. Jamie enjoys traveling, exercising, hiking, and spending time at the lake as a family.  Through her community involvement, professional success, and genuine care for others, Jamie has created a community and ministered through her work in dermatology.


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