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Masters in the Art of Design Management Welcomes its First Cohort

Launching just this fall, the Master of Arts in the Art of Design Management program is already in full swing. This program is the newest degree to launch at SEU, and is the first master’s degree available through SEU’s College of Arts & Media. With courses in art, business, and leadership, the program specializes in preparing students for success as a creative in the business world. Early this Fall, the program’s first cohort met for its first intensive seminar, The Lost Chord, and kicked off their learning journey with Professor Saied Farisi, the program’s coordinator. 

For Matthew Holman, one of the program’s nine graduate students, the Art of Design Management program is a perfect blend of business and the arts, which he has found will propel him into his future careers as a manager and a writer. 

“It’s simultaneously pushing me in both of my career dreams rather than just one,” explains Holman.

One of Holman’s biggest takeaways so far from his classes is the critical thinking that forms the cornerstone of the program’s teaching style. 

“I’m looking forward to learning how to be a problem solver, seeing things from different people’s perspectives, and understanding what goes into their work so I can make plans with realistic expectations,” says Holman.

Rebekah Sikes, another graduate student in the Art of Design Management program, is reaping the benefits of this unique program as well, though in a different way. 

“I majored in Visual Arts and Graphic Design, and I got a lot of practical knowledge for how to create. When it came to using that in the business world, however, I found that I wanted to know more about how to make it practical. For me, this program is the practical side of art,” says Sikes. 

Sikes is beginning to explore positions such as creative director, which has a hand in both the practical and creative aspects of a company, and she finds that the Art of Design Management is preparing her for this career as a whole. 

“I’m looking forward to functioning successfully in that type of role. By having leadership principles backing my creative decisions… and understanding  more of the creative side of a business model, I can come into someone’s business and give ideas.”

Discover more about SEU’s newest master’s program and see how seamless incorporating the design mind into business can be. 

Article by Madi Schaaf, Student Writer


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