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Namiah Simpson: Nursing, Missions and Serving Others

Namiah Simpson, ’22, is a 10-time NAIA Track and Field All-American, a two-time Academic All-American, and a recent graduate of the SEU Nursing program. 

“When I was younger, I always had this inkling to be in the medical field and had a spirit for helping, so I always knew I would be in this field. I didn’t know the impact God was going to allow for me in that.”

During one of her nursing classes, there was a presentation on medical missions that intrigued Namiah. She was later given the opportunity to go on a two-week medical mission trip to Uganda.

“At first I was kind of leery of it since I had never been out of the country,” she said. “I started praying about it and asking God for peace about it if He wanted me to go.” 

Along with peace, Namiah also needed the finances to go on the trip. Her prayer was answered when her home church provided the remaining balance she needed. 

The flight took about 36 hours, going from Orlando to New York, then to Belgium before finally arriving in Entebbe, a city in Central Uganda. There, Namiah was part of a group of 14 students who worked with Watoto Church.

She and her team helped mentor medical staff in various areas of Uganda, speaking with clinicians and teaching them about identifying and treating trauma. 

“It was so rewarding to see how eager they were to learn,” said Namiah. “They always had pens and notebooks out and were asking questions.” 

Namiah and her team spent time serving the neglected, orphaned, and widowed of the country in the capital cities of Kampala,Bira, Suubi, and Gulu. They provided respite care to the mothers of the villages, consisting of a foot washing station, a massage station, a decompress station with worship music, and a story sharing station. 

The selflessness of the mothers was what stood out the most to Namiah, who served at the foot washing station. 

“Listening to those moms’ stories and how they love beyond reason and how selfless they are was so impactful,” she said. “I love the foot washing station because I love to exemplify the hands of Christ and serve them in that way as they serve their children.”

When she would ask them what she could pray for, they would never make it about themselves; it was always about their kids. 

“My biggest takeaway was how I could be more selfless and show that in my everyday life and love beyond reason.”.

Beyond that, Namiah saw her future profession in action and felt at home doing what she was called to–even though she was 7,500 miles away from home. Along with helping treat and heal people physically, Namiah wants her future patients to see Jesus through her work. 

“I don’t see nursing just as a career field and or a way to make money. I always want to consider how I can step in at my patients’ most vulnerable and weakest points and encourage them?” said Namiah. “How can I offer a listening ear? How can I have the care that I give them reflect who Christ is?”

The Palm Coast native has an interest in returning to Uganda for an extended trip working in a clinic. Namiah learned that many who come to Uganda to help are trying to get people out of the situation instead of helping revive a country that has been overcome by dictators, mass killings, a coup, and war over the last 60 years. 

“I now see nursing as my mission field,” she said. “God is redeeming and restoring this nation.” 

Namiah graduated in December and is now pursuing her Master of Science in Nursing at SEU while completing her eligibility in track. She plans to work in a general practice and potentially move to labor and delivery in the future. 

Thank you, Namiah, for sharing your story!

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