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SEU Launches Medical School Preparation Program

Starting in the spring of 2024,* SEU will be offering an exciting learning experience — the Master of Science in Medical Sciences (MSMS). This medical school preparation program is ideal for students who are planning to apply (or reapply) to medical school or physician assistant programs, this intensive, 3-semester master’s degree program features a rigorous curriculum. The course content parallels the first year of medical school, so it enhances students’ competitiveness for admission.

Filling a Need

As a student-focused institution, SEU wants to help aspiring medical students who are wondering what to do during their “gap year” after undergraduate graduation. “Although they are highly prepared and capable, many students do not qualify for admission during their first round of medical school applications,” said Dr. Aimee Franklin, dean of the College of Natural & Health Sciences and an alumna of SEU. “We recognized the need for students to feel more confident when applying to medical schools and to have the chance to create connections with their peers who are on the same journey.” 

“Furthermore, this degree sets students up to succeed once they are admitted to medical school,” said Dr. Franklin. “While getting into medical school is certainly a challenging goal, succeeding once you get there should be the driving motivation when choosing how to spend gap years.”

Program Details

The innovative, structured curriculum of the MSMS will provide a solid foundation for students who are aiming to begin advanced medical study to become a doctor, dentist, pharmacist, or physician assistant. Students looking to begin a career in medical research will also benefit. 

This degree takes only 3 semesters to complete, giving students the advantage they want in an accelerated timeline, and tuition is highly competitive.

A Unique Learning Approach

This program will be offered in a “flipped classroom” synchronous learning approach. In this format, students get the best of both worlds — cutting-edge learning, all delivered in a small group cohort format and supported by individualized attention from an SEU faculty moderator. 

Students in the cohort will meet in-person with their SEU faculty moderator throughout the week and participate together in real-time, live-streamed lessons. The SEU faculty moderator will provide support for all self-directed study. 

Timely feedback is crucial to medical school success, so the results of each student’s work are provided quickly. This customized, real-time reporting and analysis of their progress eliminates the guesswork for students to know whether they are prepared for the MCAT and medical school curriculum. This methodology is proven to result in better comprehension and student outcomes.

Faith and Connection Opportunities

MSMS students can look forward to collaboration with like-minded peers as well as support and mentoring from their SEU faculty moderator.

“These types of studies are very challenging and could get lonely due to their intense nature,” explained Franklin. “This learning format will encourage our MSMS students to form strong bonds as they support and encourage each other.” 

The MS in Medical Sciences will be the only medical school preparation program of this type in Polk County — and one of the few nationwide to incorporate faith-based opportunities. “Our students at every level, from undergraduate through doctorate, benefit from the Christian worldview that is core to everything we do at SEU.” 

*Now accepting applications for spring 2024 and fall 2024. 

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