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SEU Works with Argentine Government to Establish Its First Evangelical University

SEU and its global ministry partner, OneHope, recently participated in cabinet-level meetings with the government of Argentina to discuss the establishment of the very first Protestant evangelical university chartered by the country. 

Dr. Mike Cuckler, chair of the School of Divinity, represented SEU at these meetings alongside OneHope’s Fernando Ramirez. They had the opportunity to sit down with many high-level government officials, including the nation’s minister of education, the secretary general of foreign affairs, the mayor of Buenos Aires, and more.  

This endeavor is the result of decades of ministry, community engagement and relationship-building by Pastor Osvaldo Carnival, who was also in attendance. Carnival is the founding and senior pastor of Cathedral of Faith and president of the Assemblies of God (AG) in Argentina. 

Cathedral of Faith is an AG church of 50,000 people and 20 campuses spread across Buenos Aires and the surrounding areas. The church operates a separate five-story modern-equipped building in Buenos Aires where they currently provide biblical, theological and vocational education; community engagement; and other essential social services to their community. This building, which is already equipped with classrooms, a computer lab, and student-center type spaces, will house the new evangelical university. 

The charter for a new university can only be established by the president of Argentina. The charter is targeted to be submitted by the end of December, and a presidential decision should be reached by the spring of 2023. 

Dr. Cuckler and Ramirez also had the opportunity to meet with Carnival and his team, who have been working on the launch of the university over the past year. The committee has been dedicated to overseeing the government-required paperwork, researching student demographics across Latin America, and various administrative needs and program elements. 

The group currently plans to utilize the Buenos Aires campus as the main campus and extend educational opportunities across Latin America through church-based extension sites and online strategies.

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