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SEU’s Music Education Program

Professor watching students practice violin in class.

Music Education Needs You!

The School of Music at SEU encourages passionate musicians to tune their divine sound in Christ. The School of Music caters to students interested in careers as teachers and as performers. Our Music Education program equips students with the tools and experience to share their love for music through either of these career choices. The world of music encapsulates a range of individuals who have different passions within diverse music settings; these settings can include performing professionally as a soloist, worship leading in ministry, or becoming a director in education. The sky’s the limit, and this program prepares you to best lead where you feel called.


There’s Value in Education 

Even musicians who don’t become professional educators still end up teaching, as they love to pass along their passion for their craft. Likewise, choosing a degree in music education encompasses more than just the credentials to teach music, which is what makes this degree so valuable and useful. Most people interested in performance think it is necessary to earn a degree in that area, however, the skills and training you will receive in our music education program also apply to many other careers beyond teaching. 

Dr. Tyson Voigt, Chair of the School of Music and Director of Percussion Studies, has a degree in Music Education. “There isn’t a musician who doesn’t teach,” says Dr. Voigt. “We are all teaching. The majority of musicians in their lifetime will teach music, whether in performance or not. It is an integral part of any music career. ” 

Voigt is an advocate for music education, not only as a professor himself, but also because he and his wife are worship leaders who both benefited by having prior knowledge in music education. SEU’s music education program equips you with education for ages K–12, as well as the ability to teach each and every instrument at an age-appropriate level. Because of this rigorous and in-depth curriculum, musicians will be more than prepared to step into any music setting to which they are called. 


We Want You To Succeed

SEU’s mission is to equip the next generation of individuals to go out into their communities and careers as influential servant leaders. The goal of building a community that is Kingdom-minded and unified as one body is reflected across our campus, and all the professors at SEU strive to pour into their students however they can through mentoring relationships and high-quality, faith-based course content. Our school not only has a special atmosphere, but desires for students to have a safe place to grow, learn, and create wonderful bonds and memories. 

In music education, the coursework is important and intricate because musicians are learning to play and teach an array of instruments for all grade levels. Our professors and the environment at SEU make it possible for students to get great instruction and support throughout this program. We also offer scholarships for music students to help them in their college journey. (For more information, check out SEU’s scholarships page.)

The purpose of the Music Education program is to cultivate individuals who are called to advance the next generation of musicians. As a completely in-person program, the foundational coursework builds the musicianship and the knowledge needed to be an outstanding educator. There is an increasing need for music educators, and this program pushes for positive growth and grit to work toward being an educator who will inspire the next generation of musicians or other future career goals in music. A degree in Music Education from SEU will professionally train you and give you the skills needed for this important responsibility.

Along with learning music theory, students will have the opportunity to complete their internships in Central Florida schools. This will play a large part in building their teaching experience in a real-world setting and sharpening the skills needed to succeed as an educator. Specifically, this looks like a semester of full-time student teaching at a school, which includes planning classes, teaching music lessons, as well as directing rehearsals.


Why SEU’s Program? 

Students will receive training from faculty and staff who are highly qualified and experienced. They have lengthy training and multifaceted backgrounds in areas such as classical, orchestral, jazz, pop, folk, film, church music, and modern worship performance. The professors here have received education from a vast array of prestigious institutions, such as large state schools and major conservatories, and they desire to prepare students to go out and equip younger musicians while continuing their own journey with music.

The SEU School of Music builds up individuals and is where young and ambitious musicians can flourish. Please check out our School of Music page for more information on the heart of our music department. 

The SEU School of Music faculty members, as well as our Career Services resources, are available to help you find post-graduation job opportunities. All graduates from the Music Education program have successfully secured jobs in the field. Future students are guaranteed to be well-prepared to enter the music industry with confidence in their divine sound and voice. Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Music Education find success in careers such as school music teachers; band, choir, or orchestra directors; private lesson instructors, and performance musicians. 

The job placements post-graduation for SEU students in the music education program are extremely high, and many students were offered multiple options to choose from even while finishing school. Here are just a few examples of successful SEU alumni.

  • Scott Feshanko, ’15, was the 2019 teacher of the year at Alta Vista Elementary School (Haines City, Florida). He now teaches at Spessard Holland Elementary (Bartow, Florida).


  • Chad Sell, ’18, was recognized as an Emerging Leader by the Florida Music Educators Association in 2021. He is now the elementary specialist at McKeel Academy Central in Lakeland, Florida. 


  • Brooke Martin, ’19, was nominated as an A+ teacher at Laureate Park Elementary School in Orange County, Florida. She was interviewed by Fox News in Orlando as part of her recognition.


  • Hannah Haugen, ’14, served as Director of Bands at Auburndale High School (Auburndale, Florida) and was recognized as an Emerging Leader by the Florida Music Educators Association. She is now the Director of Bands at Lincoln High School in Tallahassee, Florida. 


  • David Wing, ’08, is the Director of Bands at Venice High School in Sarasota, Florida. He is also the District 11 Chairman of the Florida Bandmasters Association.


  • Dr. Seth Pendergast, ’08, received his PhD in Music Education at the University of Utah. He is now an Assistant Professor of Music Education at Colorado State University.

Audition Details 

The School of Music polishes students’ natural talent and helps them create solid art through hands-on, personal instruction and aural theory, instrumental and vocal technique, music history and literature, worship leading, pedagogy, and performance etiquette. Students who are interested in this major should begin by applying to SEU and completing the audition process for music majors.

By Emma Stern, SEU Student Writer

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