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SEU Choir Students Travel to NYC

SEU students travel to Carnegie Hall

SEU Students to Go to Carnegie Hall 

This month, SEU’s Chamber Choir is traveling for the first time to Carnegie Hall in New York City! The group will perform alongside professional New York choirs and orchestras. In addition to the Chamber Choir, which is the top-performing choir at SEU, there will be other students who auditioned to join this trip, along with some SEU alumni. 

“We found out about the trip at the end of last year, but this semester we have done a lot of hard work practicing for it,” said Malaya Yague, a junior who is a member of the Chamber Choir.  “And it’s been really cool to see the ensemble all working together.” 

The pieces all the choir students have been preparing for their big night are “Gloria” by Vivaldi and “Mozart Coronation” by Karl Jenkins — both of which are choir pieces that are more than 30 minutes long. Performing on a Saturday night at Carnegie Hall in New York City will be a marking and memorable moment for these SEU choir students. Their performance slot is at 8:00 PM, which is an honor as a college choir from out-of-state. 

According to Israel Perez, a junior also traveling with the choir, performing at Carnegie Hall is a singer’s dream. “Walking into Carnegie is going to be so cool because it is one of the most prestigious places for music. Being able to sing in that atmosphere…it was built for music. You don’t even need microphones because of the echoing and resonance throughout the hall.”

Rehearsing for this moment is an honor that the students haven’t taken lightly. They will be increasing their rehearsals from 4 to 5 hours every day leading up to the performance.

All of our students are greatly looking toward this trip — performing and exploring the city — as well as glorifying the Lord through it all. “This is our chance to share the gifts God has given us on a big stage,” Malaya shared. “Our passions and giftings are going to be shown in a huge light.” 

We are sending prayers for blessings and safe travels to these students and alumni as they make their way to Carnegie Hall. We can’t wait to share all about this trip and their performance, so stay tuned for an update when they return! 

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