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SEU’s Student Leadership Program: A Student Leader’s Perspective

At SEU, we hear about leadership almost on the daily. From President Ingle’s podcast, Framework Leadership, to the leadership courses each student enrolls in, it’s clear that this simple principle guides our university’s philosophy. 

When I arrived at SEU, I (like many people, I assume), was eager to finally grow my leadership skills and go all-in with gaining experience. However, I quickly found myself with a problem. Where exactly was I going to gain that experience? As I later found out, the answer to that question was our Student Leadership Program.

What is the Student Leadership Program?

Student Leadership at SEU equips you with the opportunity to grow your leadership skills in practical ways. As a student leader, you apply to join a specific team on campus that serves students, whether socially, spiritually, or academically. Essentially, you play an integral role in ensuring that campus life is the best it can be. There’s a Student Leadership team for every interest, so be sure to check out the handy guide below to see which team fits your passions!

Why should I become a Student Leader?

I’ve been a Student Leader for two years now, first as a Resident Assistant (RA) in Bethany Hall and second as the Lead Writer for WeAreSEU. In both roles, I can truly say that I’ve grown leaps and bounds, though in different ways. 

As an RA, I learned what it means to be a servant leader by always being available to the girls in my hall no matter the hour. Sure, sometimes I received calls at random times from someone who forgot their key card, but these moments were always worth it for the times I got to offer advice or pray for a girl in my hall. 

On top of this, I’ve grown so much in my career skills as a writer at WeAreSEU. As someone aspiring to break into the creative industry, this opportunity I have to get hands-on before graduation is teaching me firsthand what it looks like to effectively carry out large-scale creative projects. I’ve also come to appreciate working in an environment where mistakes aren’t frowned upon but seen as an opportunity to learn and improve, which I know will help me stand out when it comes to applying for jobs. 

Student Leadership Teams

First Year Experience (FYE): If you’re always the first to reach out and welcome first-year students during Welcome Week, then FYE is for you. FYE’s main focus is helping first-year students thrive in their college environment both socially, academically, and spiritually.

Residence Life (Res Life) & Commuter Life: Are you passionate about coming alongside students through the highs and lows of college life? Then you should consider becoming a Resident Assistant (RA). RAs work to ensure that life in our residence halls runs smoothly, whether through offering guidance to students or upholding community standards. As an RA, your job is to help other students when they need it most.

Similar to ResLife, Commuter Life is a team dedicated to connecting commuter students with each other and with campus life. It can be easy to simply attend classes and leave, but Commuter Life’s mission is to make sure that commuter students continue to play an integral role in student life. 

Department of Spiritual Formation (DSF): DSF is a great place to serve if the thought of helping students develop spiritually gets you excited! From SEU Missions to SEU Worship, plus several additional teams within DSF, these groups collaborate to help students go deeper in their relationship with Jesus.

WeAreSEU: Calling all creatives! If you’re interested in writing, photography, or design, WeAreSEU is the team for you. They serve as the storytellers of SEU by capturing what happens on campus through a bi-yearly magazine and other communication outlets. 

Multicultural Affairs (MCA): Though college is a diverse setting where people of all backgrounds learn together, not everyone comes in feeling that their perspectives are equally valued. MCA seeks to improve this challenge by ensuring that every student’s voice is heard and valued at SEU. If this sounds like something you care deeply about, I encourage you to lend your voice to MCA.

Campus Wide Events (CWE): If the idea of planning and putting on events makes you giddy, then CWE is sure to be the perfect opportunity for you. CWE plans experiences each semester to bring students together to make memories and form new friendships!

Student Government Association (SGA): SGA is composed of our student body president and student senate, who strive to promote change for the benefit of students. Whether you’re a Political Science major or not, SGA is looking for student leaders who are committed to listening to students and making sure their voices are heard. 

Compass, the Center for Calling & Career: If the idea of helping students with career preparation piques your interest, then you should consider joining the Compass team. Compass’s mission is to come alongside students in their search for career opportunities through one-on-one assistance and even workshops. 

If I can impart one piece of wisdom, it would be to take the leap and apply for Student Leadership. Time and time again, I’ve seen how my fellow students have grown so much through this program and I know it can be the same for you. You’ll learn so much about how you lead and work with others, gain valuable career experience, and have fun while doing it!

By Madi Schaaf, Student Writer

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