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Cassie Chapman — Reaching the Unreached through Relationships

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Considering serving on the mission field while in college? SEU Missions, the missions movement at SEU, sends student-led trips all over the globe to minister to local missionaries and spread the love of Jesus. 

Some of the people behind this movement are the trip leaders, who have been given the title GeoLeaders. GeoLeaders are teams of two equipped through SEU Missions to serve the contacts they are partnering with to spread the Gospel. We sat down with current GeoLeader Cassie Chapman to discuss missions, SEU, and what being a full-time student and GeoLeader looks like. 

Why SEU?

When asked why she decided to come to SEU, Cassie shared, “It all comes back to missions. I have never heard of a program like SEU Missions that works with the student body and other organizations and has learned to do it well. These are four years of my life, and it’s a time I want to spend getting involved in community and to be equipped to serve the nations.” Cassie came to SEU in 2021 to pursue missionary work and minister to those whose voices are unheard through her major in Social Work. After spending her first semester getting acclimated to college life, Cassie felt called to serve on a mission trip with SEU to Uganda. Her experience allowed her to see the power of student-led trips, and by the time she was entering into her sophomore year, she felt ready to lead a trip.

September 27, 2022

“I was so eager and ready to serve the nations as a GeoLeader, but during my freshman year I was in a place where God wanted me to soak up my new college environment and to learn from people in this community,” she shared “It was then that God placed it on my heart to lead a trip, so that I could help to give other students the opportunity I’d had as a freshman.” 

Through recommendations and witnessing and hearing the stories of other GeoLeaders, Cassie was stirred to apply. But she never actually did, because that’s when she heard a still small voice from the Holy Spirit saying, “Just wait on My timing; it’s going to be much sweeter and greater than you can imagine.” On September 27, 2022, Cassie rushed to her journal, wrote this down, and expressed her heart for serving God and His kingdom. Cassie has since referred to this moment as her call to serving God internationally.

Following the Silk Road

Cassie felt called to lead a trip to the Arab world but didn’t know where she would go. She heard that her good friend and mentor was leading a trip and needed a co-lead, so after prayer and thoughtful consideration, she became the co-lead for the trip heading to the Silk Road in the Middle East. 

“I had to really rely on the Lord leading up to my first trip as a GeoLeader, and it’s in those moments that you build strength and endurance to keep fighting for what matters the most — the kingdom.” Serving on the Silk Road team, Cassie partnered with her co-lead and locals reached those who don’t know Him. They ministered by teaching English, serving with kids, and evangelizing to locals. “The weight of the atmosphere there was an eye-opening experience — realizing the dedication of the local culture and ministry only the Holy Spirit could work through impacted me in a way I will never forget.”

Hello, Northeast Africa!

Following the Silk Road trip, it was evident to Cassie that God had placed in her a heart for unreached people groups. Working with the contacts on the Silk Road, Cassie felt she should pursue ministry in the Middle East. Serving this year came about after some planning and dreaming from the SEU Missions team, and Cassie’s passion for reaching the unreached. Leading alongside her friend Bella Carney, their ministry included reaching people through relationships, immersion in culture, and working with other Chrisitians to reach those who may have never heard the name of Jesus. The trip left on February 29, 2024 and returned with a story God has written for his people by his people, with Cassie sharing a testimony at SEU’s Prayer Chapel.

Top 5 Essentials for the Mission Field

Another aspect of being a GeoLeader is helping your team feel prepared for what awaits them on their trip. Cassie said that she prefers to mix in some of the basics with an element of fun. 

  1. Wipes — “You can use wipes for everything, especially when you meet someone who might not have immediate access to them.”
  2. Antacid Tablets — “Quite literally a life saver for an upset stomach and can be a sweet treat at night after a long day of eating different cuisines from around the world.” 
  3. Bible and Journal — “This can be counted as one item, as you need to be able to have the Word of God with you whenever you travel, along with something to jot down your thoughts and notes in. Where technology fails or is inaccessible, there is always the written Word of God and your thoughts.” 
  4. Duffel Bag or Oversized Backpack — “Having luggage that will hold up to a week’s worth of stuff can really come in handy and become your portable ‘home’ if you pack it right. When thinking about what travel bag you want to bring, be sure it’s something comfortable and functional.”
  5. A Good Pair of Linen Pants — “Good linen pants are versatile, easy to care for, and can get you anywhere.”


Thank you, Cassie, for sharing your heart for missions and your experience at SEU as a student and GeoLeader!

By David Jarrett, Student Writer

Edited by Mia Golding & Emma Stern, Student Writers

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