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Parent Testimonials

Hear what our parents have to say about us…

The Freeland Family

“Finding a school for our daughter with autism over the years has been a challenge. When we stepped into the Pathways program at SEU, we were immediately as ease. Our daughter has been soaring since she started there about two years ago. The teachers, paras, administration, faculty, and therapist are filled with love, encouragement, positivity and always pushing my daughter to be the best she can be. The school has been a community of hope. I know she is so happy at school. She always wants to go on the weekends! Our biggest challenge has been making sure her school community was a place where she will grow and learn new skills. Pathways is truly setting her up with the appropriate tools for her to function in society and become an independent person filled with confidence. Our daughter has some behavioral issues that the school has managed with ease, compassion, and knowledge on how to react to a situation that is upsetting for her.

The teachers and paras have such love in their hearts and are special people. I pray for them every day. They have helped our family be at peace knowing that she is in a school that provides her with the support and encouragement she needs in order to be a successful person in our community. I can’t thank the school enough for always making us feel like we are not alone. They have not only offered our daughter the best environment, but they have helped our family emotionally and spiritually. Our family will forever be appreciative to the community at Pathways for always going above and beyond for our daughter. It is a wonderful feeling knowing my daughter is in a school that “gets her”, accepts her for who she is, and wants to see her succeed in all her years at Pathways and in life.

This world needs more schools, teachers, paras, and administration like Pathways.”

—Janina Freeland


The Cross Family

“It is my pleasure to write this letter in support of the staff and facilities at Pathways School.   There are few decisions that are more important for parents to make than the selection of a school for their child.  When making this choice for my own son, Dylan, an adolescent with significant special needs, Pathways presented a unique opportunity for him to experience middle and high school on a college campus, surrounded by all a university setting has to offer.  This is Dylan’s first year at Pathways, and after spending nearly ten years at another school, we were concerned about making this change.   We shouldn’t have been!  Pathways is gifted with the most wonderful teachers and administrators.   They work diligently to assess students’ needs and design appropriate learning programs.  They have the compassion, creativity and dedication to overcome challenges and limitations.  These educators see the ability within my child’s disability, and manage to find a “path” and a “way” for him to experience success each and every day.  Without reservation, for all parents who are seeking the best for their children, I highly recommend Pathways School of Excellence.”

—Lori Cross

The Chambers Family

Quinn and Caitlin started Pathways when it first opened.  What an amazing program it is.  We are truly blessed with all the support from the staff and SEU students that are involved in making this program work.  We see firsthand how the program does their best for each student individually. Quinn and Caitlin both have different strengths and weaknesses and this program has gone above and beyond to help them succeed in all the areas of their lives. We hope that this program continues to blossom and will be around for a long time. It truly is their home away from home.

— Bill and Donna Chambers