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Serving the Local Church with SEU Seminars

We are very excited to announce that we have kicked off SEU Seminars, a brand new series that will allow us to further serve the local church by providing training for pastors, staff, and their congregations. 

“SEU Seminars is a way that we will be expanding our service and support of the local church by bridging the gap between academic expertise in Biblical studies and theology and the practical needs of church communities,” said President Kent Ingle

We recently held the very first seminar at Fresh Life Church in Montana.

Seminars Tailored to Your Church

The seminars will be led by SEU professors and pertain to three core topics: Biblical studies, church history, and practical theology. Tailored to the specific needs of each church community, pastors and church leaders will have the opportunity to customize the length, content, and academic level of the seminar. 

SEU Seminars can also be crafted to fit any demographic, ranging from the basics of a Bible study to detailed lectures on specific theological topics.

Ingle commented, “Our vast network and large pool of experienced faculty will allow us to provide credentialed subject matter experts who are fully equipped to teach within each discipline.”

Benefits to the Church

SEU Seminars will enrich spiritual growth, enable deeper levels of discipleship, provide opportunities for collaboration, and much more. 

“Through sharing the resources, capabilities and knowledge of our professors, we seek to truly empower pastors to enrich the spiritual growth and further the education of their congregations and staff,” expressed Ingle.

If you’re interested in bringing an SEU Seminar to your church, please visit:

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