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Virtual Orientation

Partner Site Students

Virtual Orientation

Welcome to SEU! This Virtual Orientation will help you with everything you need to know to start your semester off right. Be sure to connect with the individual departments mentioned below for help.

We’re so glad you’ve joined the Fire Family — here’s to an amazing year!

After you view the welcome video in this section, click on the tabs below to navigate to your orientation information.

Virtual Orientation

Welcome to SEU! This Virtual Orientation will help you with everything you need to know to start your semester off right. Be sure to connect with the individual departments mentioned below for help.

We’re so glad you’ve joined the Fire Family — here’s to an amazing year!

Student Financial Services

Financial Aid & Paying Your Bill

The SEU Student Financial Services (SFS) team is here to help make your financial aid and bill payment process as smooth as possible. 

Paying Your Bill/Financial Clearance

Being financially clear means that your outstanding balance (any amount that is not covered by financial aid and/or a payment plan) has been paid. Learn about the financial clearance and bill payment process here.

Financial Clearance

The financial clearance process is designed to prepare students for the financial responsibility for the upcoming semester and school year. To be financially cleared, students need to have their upcoming semester’s balance paid out of pocket by the first day of the semester for any balance that is not covered on a payment plan or through financial aid. Students must complete the Pre-Registration Form on My Portal (formerly JICS) each school year. This can be found under the forms tab. Before students can register for classes, they will also need to be sure to complete any financial aid item that is needed and listed on your Financial Aid Portal, or decline their financial aid if applicable before registration is opened. For any additional questions, please feel free to contact Student Financial Services at


863.667.5018 |

SEU Systems Support

IT Help Desk

Technical help is just a phone call or email away! Our friendly SEU Help Desk staff can assist with technical issues such as password issues for SEU systems, issues connecting to the SEU network, and many others. The Help Desk hours are Monday–Friday, 8:00 AM–4:30 PM ET.

Visit this page for instructions on setting up your account.

Visit this page for additional IT Help Desk information.


863.667.5028 | (tech help) | (MyFire)

If you need assistance after hours, please contact 24/7 support at 888.889.6599 for assistance with password problems and issues related to MyFire.


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Visit the Help Desk page or go directly to your OneLogin Dashboard. You can see your open tickets and previous tickets in this portal along with seeing updates to your open tickets.

When emailing, please include all relevant information related to your issue. It is helpful if you also include your SEU ID number and a phone number where you can be reached.

Visit this page for instructions on setting up your account.

Once logged in, you will be able to access all of your SEU systems: email, MyFire, MyPortal (JICS), SEU Financial Aid Portal (NetPartner), and others.

Here is an overview of what you’ll find in your OneLogin Dashboard. (Select Company: SEU)

Title IX: A page that explains your rights related to sexual harassment and misconduct. This page also includes contact information should you need to report a matter.

Change of Status: Change your status as a student (such as changing from an online student to a traditional in-person student).

SEU Financial Aid Portal (NetPartner): Your financial aid portal.

Help Desk: Submit a support request or check on the status of a current ticket.

MyPortal (JICS): Register for courses, see your course schedule, see your degree plan, pay your bill, work with different forms, and many other things related to student life.

MyFire: This is your online learning portal. Your course content lives here and this is where you will complete all of your course assignments. You will spend most of your time within this system.

MySEU: This internal system offers different forms and information related to being an SEU student.

SEU Email: All communication from SEU will be sent to your SEU email account.

SEU Single-Sign-On: This page relays information related to setting up multi-factor authentication for your SEU account. The main SEU website.

Steelman Library: The SEU Steelman Library page gives you access to resources, databases, and articles.

Student Finances: This link will take you directly to the Student Finances tab in MyPortal (JICS) where you can download 1098-T tax forms, see information related to your financial account, and pay your bill through the Nelnet portal.

Student Success: This web page is dedicated to providing resources to assist in making your college journey successful. There are links to our tutoring center, the advising office, student jobs, and various other resources to help you succeed at SEU.

TimelyCare: This link takes you to an online counseling portal that is available to all SEU students.

Academic Advising

Course Registration & Degree Planning

Your academic advising team collaborates with you throughout your time at SEU to make sure you’re taking the correct courses to stay on track for graduation, while also guiding you in choosing a degree, minor, and/or certificates that best align with your career interests and goals. Schedule an appointment with your advisor for assistance with choosing courses, completing registration, and more. 

  • Click here to learn about the Foundational Core portion of your degree requirements.
  • Click here to visit our Divine Design resource center to learn what options are available for your Divine Design electives.

To adjust or add a major, minor, or certificate, log into MySEU from the OneLogin Dashboard. Then, hover over Academics, select Registrar, and complete the Major/Minor Declaration Form for Partner Site Students.


Course Access & Support

To review the full-length versions of the MyFIRE tutorials, navigate to MyFIRE HelpDocs and/or the MyFIRE Student Resource course. If you do not have access to the MyFIRE Student Resource course, please contact

It is also recommended that students review SEU’s Technical Requirements to have the best user experience in MyFIRE. 

If you have any further questions about MyFIRE, please contact

Additional MyFire Resources

  • Dropped courses will not incur charges and will not be recorded on the student’s transcript.

  • Students that complete the Student Acknowledgement & Attendance Confirmation, but do not wish to remain in the course(s) must drop the course(s) in MyPortal (JICS) prior to the add/drop deadline or fill out the withdrawal application.

  • Students who do not drop courses in MyPortal (JICS) but have completed the Student Acknowledgement & Attendance Confirmation will be billed for the course and the course will be recorded on the student’s official transcript.

  • Dropping and withdrawing from courses may impact your student status; it is recommended to speak with your academic advisor and Student Financial Services prior to making any schedule adjustments. It is the student’s responsibility to add and drop courses by the end of the add/drop deadline.


Student Records

The primary goal of the Office of the Registrar is to support students throughout their academic journey. We maintain accurate and confidential student records, ensuring compliance with FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. 

Our team is here to help you from the time you are admitted to the time you graduate by providing friendly and efficient service.  Below you will find helpful information about the Office of the Registrar. We are dedicated to making your university experience a smooth and successful one, so if you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to to reach out to us.


863.667.5015| | 

Additional Registrar Resources

Visit this page to learn about FERPA and how to set up Parent Portal access.

If you need to take a particular course and it is not being offered on campus or online, and there is not an appropriate course substitution approved by your department chair, you may seek approval for a directed study. A directed study is where you work alone or with a small group of students directly with an instructor (typically in an online modality). The directed study form may be requested by emailing and must be completed with all required signatures before the course can be added to your schedule. Typically, directed study approval is reserved for graduating seniors. Once processed, you will be provided confirmation through your SEU email.

Should you find that you need to change your course delivery status during your time at SEU, you would complete a Change of Status form. This form is located in MySEU and connects you to the proper admissions office as needed. Change of status may only be requested in between semesters, and can change many items connected to financial aid, available majors and courses, as well as billing. We suggest that you speak with an academic advisor and financial aid counselor prior to completing the form. The three current delivery methods that SEU offers include Traditional (Main Campus), Online, and Partner Sites, which are church sites across the U.S.. You are currently enrolled with SEU as a traditional main campus student.

It’s your senior year…you’re almost there! Graduation is just around the corner. Have you completed your graduation application yet? Graduation applications can be located in MyPortal (JICS) under the Graduation tab, and are due the semester prior to the time you believe you are graduating. This ensures time for your records to be reviewed and approved for graduation.


  • Fall Graduation applications are due: April 15
  • Summer and Spring Graduation applications are due: November 15

Commencement is our graduation ceremony that takes place each fall and spring semester to celebrate the accomplishment of all our graduates. As long as you submit an on-time graduation application indicating plans to participate in commencement, and your degree progress deems you eligible to participate, you will be permitted to participate in the commencement ceremony. You will receive (a limited number of) tickets to distribute to your friends/family so they can attend the ceremony, and the event is also live streamed on the SEU website for those unable to attend. Your degree will be conferred once all your final grades have been entered and all non-course degree requirements are met. The Office of the Registrar confers degrees on a regular basis throughout each semester. After your degree has been conferred, and holds are cleared from your account, you will receive your diploma and an official sealed transcript in the mail! If you have any questions regarding graduation, please email .

Student Success Resources

At SEU, we care about your holistic well-being. As a partner site SEU student, you have access to resources and people that can help guide and equip you for success. These resources include 

  • Academic Advisor
  • Tutoring and writing assistance through the Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE)
  • Access to a Student Care Coordinator through Student Outreach and Support (SOS)
  • ADA services if you have a documented disability
  • Virtual counseling services through Timely Care
  • Site Directors and Site Staff


We encourage all partner site students to peruse our Center for Student Success (link to it) page for detailed information on available resources while enrolled at SEU.