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Discover SEU Link

SEU Link is an inclusive, post-secondary education program located on the campus of Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. Our campus is welcoming, small, and self-contained. SEU is a Christian university and proud to be one of the few faith-based institutions in America to offer a post-secondary transition program.

We are solely focused on increasing independence and employability in young adult students with mild intellectual disabilities, helping them to make the transition from high school to adulthood. This unique and exciting program is an excellent opportunity for students who are looking to hone their skills and grow as individuals in a supportive, caring, and Christian environment.

In this video, you’ll meet some of our SEU Link students and hear why this program is so beneficial to them.




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SEU Link Post-Secondary Transition Program

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Southeastern University College of Education
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“The Link program at SEU has been the highlight of my semester. I love being a part of such a wonderful family. Stepping into this program, I had no clue what to expect, but from it I have made wonderful friendships and had great experiences. Although I am given the title ‘Social Mentor’ and my Link student, a ‘Mentee’ we have created a relationship that is much more than that. This year she has become my best friend. We go on weekly lunch dates, Disney trips, and to the movies. The Link program not only helps its students grow, but it also touches the lives of everyone involved in it.”

Lauren Coffey
SEU Student and Link Mentor
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“The two Link students in my Introduction to Education course have been a joy. On the very first day of class, they both came up to me and introduced themselves (none of my traditional students did). They sat in the front row during the entire semester and participated in every discussion and activity. When the class had to sign up for a small group PowerPoint presentation, they did so as well. The traditional students embraced them in their groups and let them participate as much (or little) as they felt comfortable. Both Link students were accepted and treated just like every other student. It was a very positive experience and we all benefited from having these students in our class.”

John Taylor, edd
Assistant Professor, SEU College of Education
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"We couldn’t have asked for a better transition program for our daughter. Even though we started with some apprehension, we soon realized the SEU Link program is well-designed. There were ample scaffolds to help her succeed and to achieve her goals. It has been amazing to see her growth and her happiness. She has flourished and has developed many meaningful peer friendships and a loving relationship with God.

The program has helped her become emotionally mature, more composed, and comfortable with difficult conversations and conflicts. She demonstrates greater self-awareness of her strengths and areas of opportunity, which has in turn led to her increased ability to self-advocate.

Living by herself and leading a full, independent life now seems well within reach for our daughter because of the supportive, enriching experiences the SEU Link program has provided."

Lakshmi Singh
Parent of an SEU Link Student
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"During a meeting with some of the leadership of SEU and Follett, we proudly opened our presentation by showing a slide of a beautiful watercolor that Aarushi — our Link student worker— did about working in the SEU Bookstore. It truly brings tears to my eyes every time I see it — in fact, one of the SEU staff also got choked up when we talked about how impressive and talented Aarushi is. She's such a wonderful addition to our staff — ready to work the second she comes in the door. Aarushi even made it a point to tell my regional manager how much she enjoys working here. My group vice president was so impressed meeting her. He's so happy that we have been given us this opportunity to work with the Link students! Thank you so much!"

Maureen Tarpey
Manager, SEU Bookstore
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